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TickStrike for Entry Confirmation


Here is another quick scalp trade. This is an example of using TickStrike only for the entry confirmation.

I’m using one of my indicators to let me know I want to go long. They are not trade signals, rather an amalgamation of indicators that I combine into “worms”, simply to keep me focused on the type of trade I am looking for at this time.

The range is excellent today. Since I have the horizontal grid set to 10 points on the MYM, and you can see many grids, this means the range is sufficient for me to be looking for simple trend trades.

IMPORTANT: Since I’m looking for entries, but the range is high today, entering on simply a chart pattern can easily cause your trade to move against you 50 points in minutes. So, I need an edge. That edge is TickStrike Correlation.

On the right side, you see TickStrike Meters for market instruments that tend to move together. I call this market correlation. In the screenshot, you are seeing a similar setup as to what occurred just as I entered the trade. They were all flashing green and the Up/Green sounds were going off like crazy.

Since TickStrike said “GO!”, I hit the Bid button on the Dome and entered. This time, I let an exit strategy handle the trade for me as I planned on stepping away from the computer after entering. As soon as the trade executed, I walked away.

Upon returning, I witnessed the exit, gaining 21 points on the MYM.

Nice easy quick self managing trade.

I hope this helps.


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