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New Version with Enhanced Meters Released

The meters have additional visual information designed to help you visually see what recently happened with the signals:
• The light color still behaves the same.
• The light current signal will overlay the dim color. The dim color shows the maximum strength of the signal within the last 10 seconds.
• The dim color will show at 5 seconds after the initial signal. This will be the maximum strength of the signal within the last 10 seconds.
• After 15 seconds, the latest signal will be in the dark color and the numeric signal number will be in gray.
• After 15 minutes, the meter will be reverted to a completely black state.

The meter title did not show the contract on futures instruments when the meter was too narrow. The font was changed from Arial to Segoe UI with point size 7.5. It now truncates the beginning and ending edges of the title if it does not fit. This allows for the meters to be small and still see as much of the title as possible. Please note that you can see the instrument details by hovering over the title.
Updated to support Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 for improved performance.

Bug Fixes
The sound checkbox in the instrument controller did not turn off the sound. This has been fixed.
The left side button in the instrument controller only worked to toggle the instrument on. Now it will also toggle the instrument off.

To get the new version, you can wait until you are prompted to upgrade (if you didn’t disable automatic updates), or click the “Check for Updates” button on the Instruments window.

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