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Version 31 Released for Testing

  • You need a current subscription to test this version. If you do not have a current subscription, you can sign up for another 7-day free trial to test it.
  • The NEW version will REPLACE the old version that you are using right now. You can’t run both version at the same time.
  • New algorithm is dynamically responsive to current market conditions instead of just during the most active market times.
  • We removed the dependency on DirectX. If you have experienced audio issues in the past, then you should try this new version.
  • Dozens of new instruments. We will also be adding new instruments on a regular basis.
  • No more rollover hassles. You can choose the specific contract you want.
  • Better handling of latency. This means if you are on a satellite connection or have had issues overseas, you will have an improved connection experience.
  • New diagnostics information. You can click the Diagnostics tab and copy/paste/email this information to to help us resolve any issues you experience.
  • We provide 8 unique sound themes per instrument. This helps you distinguish between instrument signals.
  • Please give us feedback. Let us know any issues you experience as well as any suggestions, likes, and dislikes.

Contact us if you would like to test this new version!

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