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What are the real drivers of the markets? TickStrike is a unique tool designed to help traders interpret the driving force of the market. ORDERS! Buy orders, Sell orders, at bid, at ask, understanding order flow and the market tape is the most effective way of gauging what the market is doing at any given point in time, because orders ARE the market.
What are the Benefits of TickStrike?
  • Introduce a new sense into your trading - Your eyes can only focus on so many things at one time, in fact...only one thing, TickStrike allows you to add your sense of hearing to your trading.
  • Interpret and Analyze Order Flow - TickStrike is a unique tool designed to help every trader analyze order flow in a meaningful way the tool is designed to help you quantify order flow
  • Consistently Adapt to the Market - Because you are able to actually hear when an important level of order size and order flow rate is hitting the market, you can consistently evolve to changing order flows and adapt to increasing and decreasing volatility
What traders are saying about TickStrike - TickStrike is a very unique product and our users have really enjoyed the powerful edge that it provides, here are just some of the things subscribers are saying.
"I have been using TickStrike for a few years and it is an incredible advantage to hear and see true volume based on sales as it is happening. When you combine this indicator with your charts, it is the most objective and simple interpretation of time and sales for breakout trades that exists. In consolidation TickStrike is quiet and keeps you out of fake moves and gives you certainty and confidence on breakouts which are the trades that have sustained moves and are the most profitable. I have removed volume indicators and the confusing time/sales from my charts which tell you where sales/contracts have been and not where it’s going which is the greatest advantage of TickStrike. You can see and hear the momentum and the intensity of the move, the accuracy is real time and eliminates subjective hope trades. I use it for the YM and rely on it with my charts for entries when I see it building and exits when it goes quiet. This is an excellent tool and for the money a blessing for all traders."
Mike G
"a very unique tool, that really has improved my edge significantly!."
James P
"Great Concept! I love it, love giving my eyes a rest and listen to the market moves, and do other things."
"One of the most unique and useful trading ideas I have ever seen!."
Nate US
Buy today with a 7 day free trial and a 14 day money back guarantee!